18 USC 2257

AnimePorn is committed to full legal compliance with 18 USC 2257 and applicable Dutch laws concerning adult content. Please be advised that AnimePorn acts purely as a content-sharing platform and does not produce any adult content, either primarily or secondarily.

Compliance Procedures

AnimePorn rigorously follows procedures to ensure legal compliance, which include:

  1. Age Verification: AnimePorn requires all users who upload videos to confirm they are at least 18 years old.
  2. Model Age Confirmation: Uploaders must also verify that any models featured in their content are over 18 years of age and maintain records to support this.
  3. Content Review: Although AnimePorn strives to validate the compliance of content uploaded, we recognize our limitations in guaranteeing absolute accuracy.

Content Origin

For information or requests relating to the origin of any content found on AnimePorn, please direct your inquiries to the specific site from which the content was produced. Our platform serves as a portal for content sharing, and while we make every effort to ensure compliance, verifying the extensive amount of content remains a challenge.

Reporting and Content Removal

AnimePorn encourages the community to report any content that may be considered illegal, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate by using the ‘Report’ link available beneath each video. Upon notification, we are committed to reviewing and removing such content promptly.

Abuse Reports

  • DMCA and Copyright Issues: Visit our DMCA Page
  • For other concerns, including illegal activities, non-compliant models, or quality issues, please contact us at [email protected].

AnimePorn stands firm in promoting a safe and legally compliant environment for sharing adult content. We appreciate the cooperation and vigilance of our user community in maintaining this standard.

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